The Appaloosa Halter Futurity


The Appaloosa Halter Futurity will be held "watch for the date" at 7:30 am!

Over $90,000.00 in cash and prizes given away in 4 classes!

Mini Golf Cart to be given away at the end of the classes!
(valued at $4,000)


Summary of our program

The program will be based upon Stallion Owners each year contributing $2,500.00 to nominate their Stallion to the Futurity. Payments will be made in two installments of $1,250.00 each, payable on December 15th and January 15th prior to the breeding season, and all foals resulting from the breeding season will be eligible for nomination into the Futurity.

Payments for the 2018 breeding season (the initial year of the program) will be due in two installments of $1,250.00 each on February 1st and March 1st, with slots being filled on a first come, first serve basis. Enrollment for the 2018 breeding season will result in the 2018 foals and 2019 foals being eligible to participate in the Futurity events.

Initially there will be 20 slots available for Stallions to be enrolled into the Futurity. In the event that 20 Stallions are nominated an additional 10 slots will be made available for an annual enrollment fee of $3,500.00 for these 10 slots. Stallion Owners, by majority vote, may elect to open additional slots at any time.

Only foals who both (i) are sired by a nominated Stallion; and (ii) pay a nominate fee, may participate in Futurity Classes. Mare Owners may nominate their foals to participate in the Futurity as follows:

Within 90 days of being born the nomination fee will be $100.00, increasing by $50.00 each 60 days thereafter, for a maximum nomination fee of $500.00

At the Appaloosa World Championship Show the following classes the day prior to the start of the Appaloosa Halter Events, in the Watt Arena. Each Class will have an entry fee of $275.00. The proposal is that all nominated foals will be eligible for the following classes:

 Non-Pro Weanling Fillies
 Non-Pro Weanling Colts & Geldings
Open Weanling Fillies
Open Weanling Colts & Geldings Yearling Year:
Non-Pro Yearling Fillies
Non-Pro Yearling Colts & Geldings
Open Yearling Fillies
Open Yearling Colts & Geldings

**Note: The winners of the Weanling classes are not eligible to participate as Yearlings** In order to maintain the momentum and excitement for this program, we would like to commence the classes at the 2018 World Show for foals that are sired by nominated Stallions in 2018, including both Weanling classes at the 2018 World Show and Yearling classes at the 2019 World Show.

The projections are as follows: 20 Nominated Stallions @ $2,500.00 = $50,000.00 To be paid out as follows:

Weanling Classes $25,000.00, or $5,000.00 per class
1st place $2,500
2nd place $1,500
3rd place $1,000
4th place $500

Yearling Classes $25,000.00, or $5,000.00 per class
1st place $2,500
2nd place $1,500
3rd place $1,000
4th place $500

To the extent sponsorships are obtained these amounts will be increased as we would like to make payments down to 5th and 6th place as funds are available.

Nomination Fees 30 per year @ average of $200.00 = $6,000.00.  It is anticipated that these amounts will be used to fund administration expenses and to pay a part-time assistant to manage the nominations, etc. These services have been donated for the first year of the program (2018).

Entry Fees per class of $275.00, with a late entry fee of $325.00. Assuming 8 entries per class x 4 classes = $8,800.00. From these funds we will pay for the use of the Arena and staff at a negotiated rate per entry with the ApHC, and we will hire judges and purchase awards with these funds. In addition, because the Futurity will be held at an ApHC sanctioned event, drug testing is required by the ApHC.

The intention is to have the Program controlled and managed by the Stallion Owners who contribute to the Program. For each Stallion nominated to the Program there will be a Board seat/vote allocated to that Stallion Owner. On May 15th of each year the Board will vote to elect the Executive Committee consisting of 5 people that will manage and oversee the Program until a new Executive Committee is elected the following year. In addition, an assistant/secretary will be engaged to assist in managing the day-to-day operations of the Futurity. The Executive Committee to begin the Futurity during the start up phase, which will serve until May 15th, 2019 when the first election will be held shall be Sean Schembri, Dena Raggio, Monte Horn, Linda Gordon and Tom Hodges.

The Judges will be selected by the Stallion Owners under the following system:
Prior to May 15th each Stallion Owner will submit 2 names
Prior to June 1st the Secretary will provide a list of all names submitted to the Stallion Owners
Prior to June 15th the Stallion Owners will each return a ranking of the judges list provided
The Secretary will then tally results and begin contacting judges to make arrangements for their services at the World Show Futurity

NOTE: For the 2018 Classes many judges have volunteered to judge the events for no charge, only their travel expenses. We will make an effort to use one or more of these judges if they are approved by the Stallion Owners to judge the Futurity. Structure. The Appaloosa Breeders’ Halter Futurity will be formed as an IRS 501©(6) organization with a Board of Directors elected annually by the Stallion Owners contributing to the Futurity. It will not be a member organization or an association.

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