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To avoid late fees, please have all documents to me by October 1, 2020.
Please call Shelia if you have any questions.


Pat Richie riding to the National Anthem at the opening of

The Appaloosa Halter Futurity
in her beautiful Ladies Heritage attire.


Thank you to all the sponsors who donated to our 2020 futurity~!

----- SPONSORS-----

TITLE SPONSOR:  Lonnie Ledbetter/Iron Horse Ranch

Fossil Gate Farms/Linda Gordon                                                                                       
DAC Randy Jacobs                                                                  

Brinks Hattery

PLATINUM SPONSOR: Harris Show Halters

Beck Farms/David Beck
Phil Harris

Serna Boots

GOLD SPONSOR: Rose Bouquets for Non-Pro Yearling Classes  
Judy Ford
Terry and Tammy Bradshaw                                                

Rose Bouquets for Non-Pro Weanling Classes  
The Appaloosa Halter Futurity Executive Committee
Sean Schembri, Karen Sartain, Annette Jackson,
Brian Irvin, Monte Horn, Linda Gordon, Thomas Coon and Shelia McKenzie

3rd Place Glass Vase Trophies
Kari Bradley/K2 Engraving and Graphics   

Sponsor of all Non Pro Classes   
Christine Belt and All About Mister                                                                                                         

SILVER SPONSOR:  Class Trophies              
Alfred Quatrevingt, John Hardin, Ken Johnson Thomas and Mimsi Coon, South Texas Trucking Air, Terry and Kristin Nutt, Judson and Linda Pigg, William Hegedus, Flying W Ranch

BRONZE SPONSOR: Bison Coolers with Carts
Jessica Smith, Duane Strong, Jason and Julie Smith, Carolyn Stewart Rocking M Ranch, Valerie Lansford

CLASS SPONSORS:    Mitch Dillon, Buchanan Pump Service, McDaniel Veterinary,        Adam Matthews, Pilot Point Feed, Spots Galore Ranch,  Hay Warehouse/Mark Defreece, Kathy Johns, Western Hauler,  Show Off Designs, George Betancourt,  Aron and Tina Jackson, Tioga Territory, Star Lake Tack, Wayne Hodges Trailer Sales,  Patricia Giles, Bill and Carol Taufman and Very Coolicious, Jana Rodes/All Around Farm, Hannah Casper, John Kreider, Tim Finkenbinder, Ted Turner, Jennifer Hulcher, Jo Ann Gay, Pepi, Dennards, Ramona Caldwell/Equine Aqua Spa Center



Summary of our program

Stallion Owner's for 2020
* This year we have opened up 10 more slots.  Nomination Fee is $3,500.00.

****We will have a special until the first of March****
Nomination Contract and Pay $2,500 in full by March 1st.

The program will be based upon Stallion Owners each year contributing $2,500.00 to nominate their Stallion to the Futurity. Payments will be made in two installments of $1,250.00 each, payable on December 15th and January 15th prior to the breeding season, and all foals resulting from the breeding season will be eligible for nomination into the Futurity.

Payments for the 2020 breeding season (the initial year of the program) will be due in two installments of $1,250.00 each on February 1st and March 1st, with slots being filled on a first come, first serve basis. Enrollment for the 2020 breeding season will result in the 2019 foals and 2018 foals being eligible to participate in the Futurity events.

Initially there will be 20 slots available for Stallions to be enrolled into the Futurity. In the event that 20 Stallions are nominated an additional 10 slots will be made available for an annual enrollment fee of $3,500.00 for these 10 slots. Stallion Owners, by majority vote, may elect to open additional slots at any time.


Only foals who both (i) are sired by a nominated Stallion; and (ii) pay a nominate fee, may participate in Futurity Classes. Mare Owners may nominate their foals to participate in the Futurity as follows:

Within 90 days of being born the nomination fee will be $100.00, increasing by $50.00 each 60 days thereafter, for a maximum nomination fee of $500.00


Yearling that were nominated in 2020 will pay a regular Nomination Fee.
* Yearling should be nominated by July 1, 2020
* Yearling Nomination Fee will be $200.00

Yearlings that WERE NOT nominated in 2019 will pay a late charge PLUS a regular Nomination Fee.

* Yearling should be nominated by July 1, 2020
* If your horse WAS NOT nominated in 2019, the fee will be $500.00 (late fee) and a regular nomination fee of $200.00

At the 2020 Appaloosa World Championship Show, we will have the following class the day prior to the start of the Appaloosa Halter Events.
Each Weanling class will have an entry fee of $300.00 and the Yearling classes will have an entry fee of $275.00.

 The proposal is that all nominated foals will be eligible for the following classes:

Open Weanling Fillies
Open Weanling Colts and Geldings
Non-Pro Weanling Fillies
Non-Pro Weanling Colts and Geldings

Non-Pro Yearling Fillies
Non-Pro Yearling Colts and Geldings.

**Note: The winners of the Weanling classes are not eligible to participate as Yearlings
** Note: If you have a yearling and they are not by one of the original 20 stallions nominated in 2018, they WILL NOT be
eligible for The Appaloosa Halter Futurity.


Non-Pro Weanling Fillies and Non-Pro Weanling Colts and Geldings

Open Weanling Fillies and Open Colts and Geldings

Because the Futurity will be an ApHC sanctions event, drug testing is required by ApHC.

Some of these funds in 2019 will be used to fund administration expenses and to pay a part-time assistant to manage the stallion nominations,
weanling/yearling nominations, entry fees and day to day operations.
Judges will also be paid out of these funds.

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